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By moving your mouse over the picture, you can find image number. Jot down these numbers. I Recommend doing this by computer

Hit "To Place and Order and Pay"

This phrase will appear at the top of the album page. Click it to start placing your order.

Filling Info

Fill in the information the form requires, especially the image numbers you jotted down. The prices for different sizes are listed beside the form.


 Your order is not considered valid until we receive the corresponding payment. Click the button below the order form to pay online.


Chen(Eric) Xue

President & Chief Photographer

Hello everyone. I'm the chief photographer in the club, and I have been doing photography for four years. I'm responsible for the quality of our products. If you have any complaints, please let me know. Customer satisfaction is always my first goal.


Ishan Patel

Head of Technology

Hey! I am Ishan, the "Head of Technology," and what I basically do is video editing, website and graphic design, and overall just dealing with whatever technological issues need to be dealt with.


Leo Wang

Chief Financial Officer

Hi everyone, I’m Leo and I'm the Chief Financial Officer here.  I am responsible for financial management and statistics.


Haley McCall

Marketing Vice President

I want to be AVANT-GARDE, so This is what I put here. 

Abigail Newcomb 

Marketing Manager & Photographer

Hi!! I’m Abigail & I’m obsessed with social media, so I’ll be helping with managing our club’s Instagram account! I’m also going to try out being a photographer too :).

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